10 Common Swimming Pool Myths: Busted!

man swimming

There are common myths most people have heard about swimming pools since they were kids. Like most myths, there is little or no truth to them, or it’s been twisted so badly out of shape it’s not recognizable anymore. Today, we’re going to help dispel some of those myths and clear up the confusion. 1. […]

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How to Properly Maintain Your Pool Cleaners and Filters

cleaning swimming pool cartridge filter

Just when you thought your cleaning was done, now your cleaner needs cleaning! When it comes to maintenance and pools, be prepared to spend some time doing maintenance. Since your filters and pool cleaners work so hard to keep your pool clean, it is only fair to keep them clean as well. Cleaning pool cleaners […]

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How to Safely Use, Handle, and Store Pool Chemicals

adding chlorine to pool

Being a pool owner can be a scary thing when it comes to safety. Pool owners have to be quite vigilant when it comes to pool swimming safety and drowning risks, but other things also need to be addressed. Pool chemical safety is paramount. Not only is chemical storage essential, but so is proper use […]

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Swimming Pool Safety Guidelines

outdoor swimming pool

Swimming pools are a lot of fun.  They’re relaxing to float around in, they can cool you off on a hot day, you can get a great workout in them by swimming laps, they can even be romantic. They can also be tragic if they’re not treated with respect.  There is an old saying that […]

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