How To Level Your Above Ground Pool (Fast and Easy)


Leveling the ground for your new above ground pool may take a little bit of work, but it isn’t hard, and you can accomplish it in just a few steps. Level ground is essential to the structural integrity of your pool and the life span of your liner. Before You Dig Before you can get […]

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How Long Should You Run Your Pool Pump For?


Many homeowners are grateful for their swimming pools during the hot months of the summer. The convenience of a refreshing dip without driving anywhere or lugging heavy beach gear is often worth the expense and effort. However, it’s important to remember the real hero of the swimming pool – the pool pump. Without the hardworking […]

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Salt Water Pool vs. Chlorine Pool: Which to Choose?


Adding a pool to your home can have many benefits. While a great choice for a family with children who can spend hours splashing around, it can also be relaxing for adults to take a dip after a long day at work. Having a pool increases the value of your property, but they are notoriously […]

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What Size Pool Pump Do I Need?


A new pool is a great thing to have and an exciting time for homeowners. There is nothing better in the hot and humid weather than being able to walk right out your backdoor and dive right into a pool. A common concern of homeowners, however, is the pool pump. Many people do not know […]

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9 Simple Ways To Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool


It can be very off-putting to find a lot of dead bugs in your pool day after day, and you might find yourself wondering if there are ways to control this problem. Dead bugs look disgusting, and they can also use up your chlorine and throw off the chemical balance in your pool. Also, dead […]

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Best Above Ground Pool Vacuums 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks


Above ground pools are quite a bit smaller than inground pools but they can still be a lot of work to keep up, and you’ll need to do more work if your pool is in an area surrounded by trees. Above ground vacuums can be the perfect solution to a consistently dirty pool. Still, there […]

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Intex Easy Set Pool Review – Pros, Cons & Final Verdict


  Intex Easy Set pools are fantastic for children, people on a budget, and renters. They’re not great for adults or someone who wants a long term pool. The main selling point of Intex Fast Set pools is the ease of set-up. Installation requires no tools, and one person can usually set it up in […]

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Best Intex Above Ground Pools 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks


Intex is synonymous with easy to set-up pools. They have several models available, and some can look quite different from the others. There are also many questions you need to answer concerning depth, whether you need reinforced walls and more. We have chosen five different models to review for you. We’ll tell you what situation […]

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3 Different Types of Pool Filters: Which One’s Best?


There are three different types of pool filters that you can choose for your pool. All have various positives and negatives to them. Before deciding which one is best for you, it pays to do some research and make sure you truly understand the differences. We have broken this down for you in a simple […]

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Best Bestway Above Ground Pools 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks


Choosing a Bestway above ground pool can seem like a challenging task because there are many varieties to pick from, and some of them look quite different than the others. You may be wondering if Bestway pools are the best kind for your family when there are so many other brands available, and you may […]

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