How To Winterize Your Above-Ground Pool

winterize above pool

The seasons will turn, from summer into fall and from fall into winter. When that happens you need to winterize your above-ground pool to protect it from the cold, snow, and ice of the hibernal months. Winterizing your pool can be a trifle time-consuming and cost a little bit, but failure to take these steps […]

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How to Heat Your Pool Without a Heater

Swimming pool

When most people hear about heating something without a heater, they immediately think of solar heating and solar heaters. They’re half-right. A solar heater is still a heater, a mechanical device using electricity or fossil fuels to heat the water in your swimming pool. This is about heating your pool without a heater of any […]

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What Size Pool Heater Do I Need? An Easy Guide to Sizing

pool heater

Would you like to extend the swimming season in your swimming pool? Maybe open it a month or two earlier and close it a month or two later? Wouldn’t it be great to have it available for more than just a few months in the summer? Well, you can. But no one wants to swim […]

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How To Quickly Get Rid of Water Bugs In Your Pool


Before we can get rid of water bugs we need to know something about them. “Know your enemy” as the saying goes, and bugs are definitely the enemy. So let’s take a look at them up close. What Are Water Bugs? There are two main types of water bugs – water boatmen and backswimmers. It’s […]

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What’s The Ideal Temperature For a Swimming Pool?

ideal temperature for a swimming pool

What is the best, ideal temperature for a swimming pool? And the answer is – it depends. Members of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club on the East Coast would tell you that swimming in ice-cold water is an adrenaline rush. They claim it helps your stamina and improves your circulation. Most people would say […]

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Coleman vs Intex Above-Ground Pools: Which Brand is Better?

Intex above ground pool

Coleman and Intex are two of the top brands in above-ground swimming pools on the market today. Some would even argue they are the best. If that’s the case, which one should you choose for yourself? Let’s take a look at the price, ease of setup, features, maintenance, longevity, and customer service. We’ll examine how […]

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Saltwater vs Freshwater Pools: Pros & Cons

An inground swimming pool

What’s the difference between a saltwater pool and a freshwater pool? They both have chlorine in them, don’t they? Yes, they do, but how they get the chlorine and maintain it is what makes all the difference. The results and the cost are different as well. First of all, let’s look at how they work. […]

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Pool Heater vs Heat Pump: What’s the Difference?

The two primary methods of heating pools are with pool heaters and heat pumps. At first glance, it may be unclear what the difference between these two methods is, and which one would be superior for your situation. This guide explains the differences between the two and walks you through the things you need to […]

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Sand vs Cartridge Pool Filters: What’s the Difference?

A beautiful swimming-pool

Which pool filter is better for your pool? Sand or Cartridge? It’s a good question with some serious financial implications, but before we can answer it completely we need to define a few terms. Microns Pool filters are rated by the size of the particles and debris they can catch. The smaller the particles, the […]

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How To Quickly Lower the pH Level in Your Pool

swimming pool at dusk

So, the pH in your pool is too high and you want to lower it? Good for you! You should lower it, but before we get to that, and how to do it, let’s get take a quick refresher course, courtesy of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. What is pH anyway? “pH” stands for […]

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